Do you have aFace for Radio?

I received the following article from Andy Jenkins, and I thought it was so good that I had to share it with you. Andy and his partner Mike are in the middle of launching Video Genesis.


Do you have a “Face for Radio”?

Here I am, earning friends and adoration with creepy subject lines! Yay!

What exactly is a “Face for Radio”. It’s easier to just show you:


There’s one. Here’s another:

Andy Jenkins is one scary dude!
(That’s the “I hope my new Baby looks like her mother” expression)

Why am I assaulting you with these nightmarish images? To prove a point.

When you give good value to your viewers in your video, NOBODY CARES what you look like – except you.

In fact, the more fugly I am, the more people say “Dayum, if this dude has the guts to put himself in front of a camera looking like that, I’m gonna be just fine!” And I won’t even bore you with my “Mankini in the Hot Tub” picture – I think you get the point.

However, if my own Franken-forehead appearance doesn’t give you comfort putting yourself in front of a camera, here’s what you do.

Slides, Screen Capture, and Animation.

If you saw the “Good Andy Video” in Video 2, you might have noticed something. That video was 3 minutes and 20 second long. I appeared on camera for 49 seconds. Now, I’m not very good at math, but my gut tells me that my face was on camera for about one-quarter of that video. The rest of the video looked like this:


Yep, I used Screen Capture Software, and Slideshow software to deliver the VAST majority of the message. And just BTW, what you charge for your products has NOTHING to do with if you should be On-Camera or not. Here’s what I mean.

In 2010, I released a $1,997 product called Video Boss. There were four marketing videos for a total run time of 111 minutes – about as long as a feature film. My total time on camera? I appeared for 2 minutes and 14 seconds in ONLY the First Video. That’s right, in the other three videos, which included the sales video – my face was NOWHERE to be found.

Those three videos were a combination of Screen Capture, Slideshows, and about three minutes of Animation that I got from Video Boss has gone on to generate over $8MM in sales.

Here’s my point – it’s YOUR CHOICE.

You want to be on Camera? Get yo’self on dat Camera. Don’t wanna be on Camera? Don’t. Use Doodle Animations, Screen Captures, and/or Slideshows to tell your story and sell your product. The good news is, here in 2013, it’s ALL easier. Technology is vastly superior and it’s all much more affordable.

And that applies to Video Genesis as well. We make getting kick-butt, high converting video, easy to learn and use in your marketing. And, if you saw in our last video, we are NOT charging the normal $2000 for Video Genesis even though we feel the value far exceeds it.

Mike and I are going to shatter the model and make Video Genesis affordable to anyone that wants it. The bottom line, “Price” will not be the objection. You only choice will be do you want to put out average videos like everyone else, or do you want to stand out with great videos that represent you, your product, and your brand?

If you are ready to get more more likes, shares, optins, and sales, then make sure to look out for our next video.

Like a Boss!


P.S. Video Genesis goes live on Tuesday, July 9th and we can’t wait to help you make better converting videos your customers will love.