Do People Respect Copyright Anymore?

Ever since posting The Internet’s Biggest Google Whores I have been having a whale of time with sites that blatantly ripped off the article to post on their sites as their own content. Often time the site owner didn’t know that it’s a copyright violation to post an entire article – they figure it was OK because they linked to me as the source.

Let’s clear this up right now. Fair use copyright rules will allow a site/blog to link to my original post and include a little plug about the article but they are NOT ALLOWED to reprint the entire article. It doesn’t matter if they give me credit or not, reposting an article without permission is a copyright violation, plain and simple.

Right now, I am trying to get two blogs to remove my Google Whore article (I’m sure there are more out there). This blog was so blatant they even hot linked my picture! Please leave them a comment on how you feel about them ripping me off.

Then we have 15 year old Josh Reid who also hot linked the photo and didn’t even give me credit for the article. His blog doesn’t allow comments but you can email him at or and tell him what happens to people who break the law. This kid I don’t have that much of a problem with because he’s only 15 and most likely don’t understand copyright rules. In addition, he has no adverting on his blog. However, that XXX Master is just asking for a letter from the lawyer.

While I am on the subject of copyright, Knuckles10 sent me a page about an article written by PC Stats that got ripped off by Tech Hints, who then got the article Dugg. I hope PC Stats sues the pants off them.

*Update – Josh Reid has removed my article.
*Update – XXX Master has removed my article.