Dinner With VIA & S3

After a long hard day of walking the E3 show floor it was sure nice to be able to settle into a nice relaxing dinner with VIA and S3. VIA makes motherboard chipset and S3 makes video chipset. They invited us for dinner at Roy’s Restaurant. Roy’s was started in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1988. At the time, Chef Roy Yamaguchi was the first chef ever to blend European cooking techniques with the fresh local ingredients found in Asia and the Pacific Rim. He calls this style of cooking Hawaiian Fusion cuisine.

Today there are now 33 Roy’s Restaurants in chef Yamaguchi’s Hawaiian Fusion Empire including 24 in the Continental US, 6 in Hawaii, 2 in Japan and 1 in Guam. The Roy’s we went to was just a few blocks from the LA convention center.

The Four Course Dinner

Dinner started with Roy’s Dim Sum appetizer canoe containing Szechuan Style Glazed St. Louis Ribs, Crunchy Golden Lobster Potstickers, Seared Tiger Shrimp Sticks and Edamame. It was a very good start. I really like the ribs and the dressing used for the Edarname.

The Boston Bibb Salad. This was a very interesting salad. It was very refreshing and tied down very well by the goat cheese. Not sure if I would call it fusion however.

This is what my new writer and Anna from Xbit Labs had РTogarashi Spiced Black Tiger Shrimp with Coconut-Thai Chili Cr̬me and Stir-Fried Shanghai Noodles. Both refused to let me sample it but if the shrimp from the appetizer was any indication, I know it was good.

This was Stephen’s dish – Roy’s Macadamia Nut Crusted Hawaiian Mahi Mahi with a Lobster Bisque Sauce. He said it was very good and matched very well with his wine. At this point I didn’t quite believe him about the wine matching because he had already had a bunch of other mixed drinks and his eyes were starting to look funny.

This was my Entrée – Slow Braised Honey Mustard Chargrilled Beef Short Ribs. It was very good but not as good as the braised short ribs you will find at Feenie’s.

Roy’s Dessert Sampler Plate was a mix mash of everything sweet and, as far as I can tell, no fussion was going on. Each item had their own taste, which was good, but they don’t compliment each other the way a good wine compliments a meat. I didn’t finish it.

The Triple Zombie

Since we were in a Hawaiian restaurant I told Stephen that he should try some Hawaiian drinks, like a Chi-Chi. He refused and insisted that he get a “Man’s Drink.” After a few so call man’s drink, I told him to try a Triple Zombie if he wants to be a “Real Man.” The waitress didn’t know what it was so I told her to ask the bar tender, who asked the waitress “He wants a what? Triple?”

Amazingly enough, Stephen was able to consume the entire Triple Zombie, thereby proving that he was a real man. Then he proceeded to put a thong over his head. Very manly indeed Stephen!