Dinner At The Keg

Tonight I took Sarah to dinner at one of my favorite steak houses – The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. The Keg is Canada’s biggest and most successful steak chain, with over 90 locations and over $250 million of sales. Going to the Keg is normally a Sunday thing but since we did not go yesterday, I figure we’ll make it up today.

The Round Bread


Regardless of what you order at the Keg, all dinners start with free bread and whipped butter. The bread is steaming hot, with a hard outside crust and soft bread inside. We like to pull the inside bread out and just eat the crust.

Baked Garlic Shrimp


Our standard starter at The Keg is always the Baked Garlic Shrimp with herbs, Jack and Cheddar cheeses. We like to cut the bread in half, scoop out the insides and stuff the shrimp into the bread shell. The scooped out bread is great for sucking up all the butter. If we’re really hungry, we also order up some Scallops & Bacon, which is another favorite starter dish. However, tonight we skipped that.

Grilled Top Sirloin


This was Sarah’s steak, Grilled Top Sirloin cooked medium rare, with mash potato and tomato top with cheese. I am starting to really like the taste of the Top Sirlion. I may start ordering this steak from now on.

New York Striploin


This is my steak, the New York Strip, also cooked medium rare. It’s served with some Mexican and Caesar salad. Normally the New York comes with the tomato and cheese but The Keg likes to mix things up occasionally.

The best thing about dinning at The Keg is the price – it’s not expensive as far as steak houses go. Dinner for two came to just $66.00 with tips. If this were a dinner at Gotham (also own by The Keg), it would easily cost over $150.00. The steaks are better at Gotham but not by as much as the price difference would suggest.

While The Keg started in Vancouver and is still mostly a Canadian chain, they do have locations in the US. If you ever come across one, I highly recommend it.