Dinner At The Eiffel Tower Restaurant Paris Hotel

Let’s get this out of the way right now. This is dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. it is not Paris, France. However, if you want to get an idea on what it’s like to dine at the real Eiffel Tower in Paris, this is fairly close. The Eiffel Tower Restaurant was the first restaurant we dined at during our time at Affiliate Summit West.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is located 110 ft in the air above the Las Vegas strip, overlooking the manmade lake of the Bellagio hotel. If you get a table by the window, you’ll have a perfect spot to view the Bellagio water show. The jets of water reach heights up to about 245 feet which can be seen throughout the restaurant. When you think about it, it’s pretty devious. The restaurant is using a feature from a competing hotel to their advantage.

The steel supports seen throughout the restaurant are structural, a part of the half scale version of the real Eiffel Tower. Accessing the restaurant can only be done by an elevator on the Paris Hotel casino, and the doors open to the kitchen the restaurant.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a popular place to pop the question. The restaurant is the sight of hundreds of marriage proposals every month. The proposals are normally done after the soufflé dish. It is said to guarantee a YES! If you do go for the soufflé, you have to order it at the start of your meal because it takes at least 45 minutes to make. That’ll give you time to sample the full six course tasting menu, which was exactly what we did.

Overall, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is a very good French restaurant. The dishes were expertly prepared and the presentation was immaculate. The pacing seemed a bit rushed for a fine dining restaurant, and we did have a wait past our reservation time to get a table. I guess that’s the price you pay for trying to put a high end restaurant in a high traffic location. The pricing is what you expect from Las Vegas – expensive – unless you live the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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