Dining At The M Resort

The M Resort, where Affiliate Dot Com Live! is being held, is the newest hotel development in Las Vegas. It’s nothing like your typical Las Vegas hotel and casino, which are way overdone and in your face. The M is more relaxed and upscale. It has a very big casino with tons of slot machines that does a great job at removing the pensions and life savings from seniors who spend their entire lives accumulating a nest egg just to give it all away for a comped room.

In addition to robbing people blind, the M Resort offers a nice selection of restaurants to dine in. So far, I’ve tried the Hash House, the Vig Deli and the Oyster Bar, which serves some really good Fanny Bay oysters. If you go to the M, take my advice. Head for the food and stay away from the gaming tables and slot machines. They won’t comp your room for dinning there but then it won’t cost your entier life savings.

Sandwiches From Vig Deli



Fanny Bay Oysters and Seafood Dishes from the Oyster Bar