Digg That Bad Site

Normally people submit stories to Digg about stuff they find interesting, cool or newsworthy. However, Tyler paged me on MSN saying one of his sites got Dugg. I asked him why and he replied because it was bad. Turns out some Digger came across his site and thought it was so bad that he needed to Digg it to tell others. Well, enough Digg users thought the site was bad enough to Digg it and send it to the front page! Currently the story has 118 Diggs.

What kind of impact did this have on the site’s sole Google banner? Quite a bit. It went from zero income to $30.00. This is actually very low for a Digg, but you have to understand that this wasn’t really a story. It was someone pointing out what a joke of a site Tyler has. So people are going to see a bad site and not for information. However, with the amount of traffic Digg can send a site, even if a really small percentage of the visitors click on a Google ad, it can have an impact on your revenue. In the case of Tyler, it’s enough to buy a lunch for two.

Tyler is now trying to take advantage of the Digg traffic by using the Dugg site to promote his other sites. I should try making an ugly ass website and see if I can get it Dugg. 🙂