Digg Profile For Sale on eBay

Just saw over on Digg that there is a story on Tech Crunch about a digg user selling his account on eBay. The current bid is $157.50.

Now why would anyone want to buy a Digg profile? Well Geekforlife, the profile up for sale, is currently ranked 75th among Digg’s 445,000 registered users. A user with a higher rank is given more importance over a person with a lower rank and therefore the chances of getting a story to the front page are greater if the higher profile submits and votes for the story.

I find this all very funny and I feel sorry for the person who buys the profile. I’m pretty sure Digg will just ban the profile once it’s sold. The question is, why is Geekforlife selling his profile? The answer may have to do with the new Netscape, which has recently gone to a Digg style setup.

See Netscape understands that most of Digg’s submissions are done by just a handful of users and Netscape has been trying to steal those users away by offering to pay them to submit stories to Netscape. My theory is Geekforlife got an offer to join Netscape and figure he’ll try to cash in on his high profile before leaving.

Hold on to your seat, the battle between Digg and Netscape is just starting.