Digg Makes It Harder To Get Dugg

It looks like Digg has made a major update to their algorithm. Stories now need a lot more Diggs before they are promoted to the front page.

In the past, I had my stories hit the front page with as little as 22 Diggs to as many as 42 Diggs. However, now it seems that number has increased to 60 or more. In the above screen shot of all upcoming stories, you can see the current top upcoming story has over 60 Diggs but is still not on the front page yet. I first noticed the change this afternoon when I submitted this story. It is at 53 Diggs and it is still in the waiting area. I have never had story goes for this many Diggs without hitting the front page.

On the good news side of things, requiring more Diggs to hit the front page means the front page has slowed down. That means all the stories on the front page stays there longer. Digg was moving very fast because of the sheer number of stories hitting the front page. There have been times where I had a story hit the front page and then it’s on page 2 in less than an hour. Now a front page story will enjoy an even bigger Digg Effect.