Deceptively Simple Advice

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the different tools, tactics and tips that you come across as an affiliate marketer. One guy might tell you that extra long sales letters are definitely the way to go if you want to optimize conversions on your landing page. The very next guy might tell you that long sales letters are a waste of time and that you should be focusing on landing pages that can be viewed in their entirety above the fold. Someone else might tell you that video landing pages are the name of the game.

Who is right? What should you do?

The truth of the matter is that any of all of them could be correct under the right circumstances for the right offer at the right time. That’s why it pays to experiment and optimize and track. That’s the only way you’ll figure out what works best for you. But that’s not what I’m going to be talking about today. It’s a piece of advice I received a while ago that’s far simpler but arguably much more profound.

Shotguns and Snipers

As an affiliate, you may be tempted to take the shotgun approach at the market. You promote as many different products and offers as you can, using a myriad of different promotional techniques, and you let the data speak for itself. You see what works and you see what doesn’t. However, this could be a horrible waste of time and resources.

Instead, you should be channeling your laser-like focus. Don’t promote more products. Promote fewer products. This is especially the case if you’re working to establish your name or brand online and it comes with a myriad of potential benefits.

So, You’re an Expert Now?

Let’s say you run a blog and you want to promote an offer for Super Product ABC. A terrific strategy here is to cluster your content around that offer. You can and should approach other topics, to be sure, but it pays to have multiple posts discussing Super Product ABC.

One post might be your early impressions of the product. Another post might be your experience using it in under a specific set of circumstances. Another post might answer a common question people have about the product.

This can work wonders on your search engine optimization, because Google will start to recognize that you are becoming an established expert on Super Product ABC. This means that you’ll come up in a number of related searches, particularly with long-tail keywords if you plan your content appropriately. That lends itself to far better conversions than a shotgun approach with a great number of products.

But it’s not just about the search engines, of course. It’s about your readers too.

They can follow your journey with Super Product ABC and each step along the way represents another conversion opportunity. Maybe you’ll pick up new readers with each post that you publish too. By bringing up the same brand and the same product on a not infrequent basis, it keeps the name front of mind for your readers, which means they’re also more likely to convert too.

More Money Begets More Money

You can see how taking this approach is also advantageous for you, because it means that your attention also isn’t being split across multiple products and multiple verticals. In trying to position yourself as an expert on Super Product ABC, you really are becoming an expert on Super Product ABC. That leads to greater credibility, which in turns leads to more conversions. It’s a cycle of success.

If this strategy sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one that John has been using for quite some time. He has certainly promoted many different products over the years, but you’ll notice that he really focuses his attention on a very small number of products at any given time. And I think you’ll agree with me when I say that his results speak for themselves.

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