Dear Blogger: You Need To Think Big!

Yes, the time has come for you to realize your goals.

Blogging can be profitable and sustainable if you learn to explore.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening to you right now, how much you made last month or the number of visitors your blog generates monthly. What matters is your ability to see beyond where you’re right now. In other words, you need to:

Think BIG!


Set standards for your business. Don’t settle for the average lifestyle. Don’t settle for $200 per month in your heart when you can earn $2,000. It’s all a mind thing – nothing spectacular happens without your decision.

For example, in 2011 I set a limitation in my heart that I can never make $1,000 per month with my blog. I didn’t realize I was destroying myself. Because it’s not even about the money, but the state of my heart and the effect this is going to have on my tomorrow.

Right there where you’re reading this post, what is going on within you? Did you know that until you begin to bask on the aura of success on your inside, it’ll never happen outside?

You may have been striving to get more traffic, more comments and to get noticed, but all that is the outward effect – you need to look inward. Yes cowboy!

By thinking BIG, I’m not asking you to set unrealistic goals. Instead, I’m challenging you to see beyond blogging. See beyond wordpress and writing posts. See yourself networking with influencers. Visualize the amount of money you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams. You can do it. You’ll do it.

Set goals that would stretch your limitations and spur you into action. I don’t know about you but every week – I discipline myself to set up a new niche site.

Well, I don’t expect those niche sites to start making $500/month right away, but as time goes by – the majority of the sites would mature, become authority and I’ll never have to worry about making money again.

Sure, it’s a risk which I must take.

Thinking BIG sets you apart

One powerful and effective way to stand out in the crowd is to think BIG: to imagine a world of endless possibilities.

Think abundance: Stop thinking that John Chow is making all the money; even if the money you need isn’t available envision a provision just because you’ve dared to think out of the box. There is more than enough money to go round. Lol!

Small thinkers complain over a change. BIG thinkers see a change as an opportunity to expand their horizon and dream again. You should do the same thing.

At this stage, start DREAMING. I’ll share with you how to make your dreams come alive. You’re special!

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