Dear Blogger – Do You Stand out from the Crowd?

This post was guest blogged by Nick Sullivan of Internet Babel.

One thing I always try to keep in mind when writing a new post or coming up with a site idea is being different. You have to remember that most things you have said or are about to say, or can think of saying, have been said. Many times. By many people. Which is fine. It’s extremely hard to come up with content that is literally 100%, absolutely, indisputably unique in every sense… the web is just too old already. But what you can do, is stand out from the crowd; By saying the same stuff in a unique way. Take this post for example, what I’m saying in this post isn’t particular special, there are lots of posts about being unique. But I bet the title probably made you want to read because it provokes you to want to know HOW to stand out. Also, the way I’m writing this post hopefully makes you want to keep reading…

Being unique in such a way as to make people double take can be challenging. It can be done however with some effort, time, dedication and creativity. If you think you’re not creative, think again. Everyone is creative in a way. Even if you don’t have a supreme way with words or incredible talent, your best asset is the ability to say things in a way that other people can’t. Which you can always do. There’s always something about an individual that makes them unique, it’s just about employing your own unique qualities into whatever you do.

I’m starting to veer off into unfamiliar territory here though, sounding cheesy and philosophical; So, I’ll get back to Internet marketing now. Or more specifically, blogging! Here’s 3 ways you can help you and your blog stand out. No doubt this has all been said before but don’t worry! It’s all good.

1. Post prolifically.

One method of gaining readers seems to be constant, non-stop posting. I’ve seen some blogs like… covered in AdSense, pretty scummy content yet because they post about 5 times a day… people subscribe. It’s quite a weird physiological quirk but seems to work. So add this factor to GOOD content and you will stand out.

2. Get a unique design.

There are lots and lots and lots (and lots) of blogs on the Internet. One very obvious way to stand out is to get a unique design. And I don’t mean get a free WordPress theme and tweak the CSS. I mean actually pay top designers to make a design that absolutely defines your blog. Such a way that it gives your blog character.

Some examples of this are:

They all have designs that define them and their blog. They give the blogs personality and you feel you can recognize and affiliate a certain aspect to their blog that you can’t with others. Most blogs don’t have this quality. If you have the cash, splashing out on a proper design is well worth it.

3. Be controversial.

Obviously being controversial will get you noticed. But don’t do it in a bad way. You can be controversial without being an a-hole! Just voice your opinion, subtlety call people out, disagree with things you ACTUALLY disagree with. All makes way for serious debate, long discussion and of course; Attention. Write passionate posts about things you are passionate about, it will come out a lot easier and you will also be able to voice your real opinion with more ease.

If you actually look at successful bloggers, business men or really ANYBODY successful in any conceivable subject, art or other; They all have one thing in common. They stand out. The Beatles stood out because other people didn’t sound like them, Mike Tyson stood out because other people couldn’t fight like him, Einstein stood out because other people couldn’t think like him. You have to find a way of separating yourself from the common bunch. Learn to live with your habits and use them to your advantage because unless you do, you will end up stealing other people’s habits subconsciously and making their work, your work. Becoming a member of the common bunch, turning no heads and raising no eyebrows isn’t a good thing. Don’t worry what other people think, do what you think is right, voice your opinion at all times on the web and follow through on your ideas.

If you currently own a blog, have just read this post and have just woken up to the fact that your blog doesn’t stand out. Change it! Focus obsessively on being different until you actually are different. Being unique is very important these days, especially in blogging, especially on the Internet and especially in this niche.