Deals Vista Review

When Microsoft announced the next version of Windows would be call Vista, a bunch of people went out and registered domain names with Vista in them. Even I registered and Most of these Vista domains are either parked or forwards to another site. However, some people have turned their Vista domains into fully developed sites. One of such site is is a deal website for bargain hunters. You can find many great deals with incredible low prices, including computers, electronics, gifts, books, movies, toys, etc.

The site doesn’t sell anything. All the deals listed are from 3rd party vendors like, NewEgg,, and others. Deals Vista makes money by getting an affiliate commission on any sales resulting from their referrals. It’s a good business model and works very well for big deal sites like Deal News, Tech Bargains and my own TTZ Hot Deals.

A big problem for new sites is trying to get the word out. Deals Vista has decided the best way to do this is to buy a sponsored post on this blog and hold a contest to give away a gift a day from now until December 19th. The contest actually started on December 6th so six prizes has already been given away. To enter the daily drawing, you have to do the following:

  • Find any deal on the Deals Vista site.
  • Share with your friends using the site’s email or instant messengers feature.

The more invitations you send, the more chances to win at that day. The iPod Nano will be drawn from all invitations responded during the promotion period. All other gifts will be drawn from invitations responded at that day. Winner will be announced at homepage at 1pm PST the next day. To see what gift is up for the grab on which days, go here.

Your chances of winning a prize are actually very good. There’s 3 hours left on today’s prize – a Cavalry Pre-Formatted 3.5” 250GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive – and so far only 36 people have entered. No purchase or registration is required to enter.