Damn Comment Spammers

I guess one of the signs that a blog is getting bigger can be based on the amount of comment spam one gets. If that is the case then my blog is growing at a pretty good clip because I’m up to 10 comment spam per day. Most of the spams are the bot type that you can kill off with anti-spam software. However, the comment spams that are submitted by real live spammers are a bit trickier because most software can’t catch those.

Believe it or not, there are spammers out there who go from blog to blog entering the same “I like your blog!” message to every posts you have indexed on Google. Many of these spam gets posted because the blog owner thinks it’s a real comment. However, if their name links to some online casino, chances are it’s spam.

I have zero tolerance for comment spam. I moderate every single comment to this blog so you spammers can go elsewhere because you’re never getting any backlinks from me.