Creative Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Once every week, I like to write about motivation, success, and productivity. When you’re a blogger, it’s very easy to lose motivation because progress does take time and with enormous competition, it can be tough to stay positive. However, over the years, I’ve learned to utilize cool tips to keep me moving in the right direction. For example, on my wall, I have various tips, quotes, pictures, etc., that push me in the right direction. For those of you who do NOT utilize this strategy, I suggest creating a work environment that’s comfortable and sheds positive energy each time you sit down to work. Next,

It’s important to have the right set of productivity guidelines because when working from home, it’s easy to get sidetracked. In one of my previous posts, I wrote how after adopting some productivity strategies, I was able to accomplish more in 3 months than I did in “1” whole year. I’m a true believer in that you have to be disciplined, especially when working from home because there’s no one around to kick you in the ass, telling you to finish your work. You set your own deadlines, publishing schedule, marketing strategies, etc., and this means NOT being disciplined means you’ll effect all those aspects of your business.

Here are some creativity writing tips for all you writers and bloggers. These tips will help you save time and stay focused when you sit down to write. Knowing how to write high quality content is very important because the valuable content will survive online while the low quality will eventually be obsolete.

Let’s get started…

Always Research

No matter how much experience you have in your niche, it’s important to stay ahead of the trend. If you’re an online blogger, things change very quickly and readers want to get the most up-to-date information so always perform your research before getting started. Even if you have a topic in mind, it’s important to research how the elements have changed within the topic and what new information you can provide to visitors. The more up-to-date your blog, the more benefits. For example, here are two below…

First, with the current Google freshness update, you’ll achieve higher rankings within the SERP’s. Next, the more updated your information, the more user engagement because people will know you provide the best information compared to all others in your niche. This means higher traffic, more social buzz, comments, subscribers, etc.

Set Realistic Goals

Many people make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals in their business. This applies to writing content, marketing, profits, conversions, etc. Setting unrealistic goals is considered the most de-motivating element in any business because every time you fail to achieve a goal, you surround yourself with negative energy. I know bloggers who set goals to write 5,000 words and even seasoned bloggers will tell you this is truly unrealistic. Some people set goals to go from $1,500-$7,000 in 30 days and when they don’t achieve this, they become de-motivated to continue blogging. It’s important to set small goals based on realistic views and what you feel you can accomplish within a specific time frame. Next,

Make sure when you set your goals that they are a push forward in your business, NO matter how big or small. No need to set goals, that, when completed, don’t add to the bottom line of growing your business. Grab a paper a pen right now and write down what you’ll like to accomplish in the upcoming week.

Blame Only Yourself

If you truly want to be a creative genius, then it’s important to hold yourself accountable when you fail to accomplish a set task. Many people blame others when they fail to accomplish a goal or complete, work which isn’t going to do you any good because it’s your business. Holding someone else accountable will NOT force you to make changes and this is where your business will suffer. You failed at something because you don’t have the right tools to complete it and these are anything like time, effort, motivation, research, etc. Knowing your responsible for this will force you to make changes going forward, and improve whatever elements you need to so you’ll be ready going forward. Always hold yourself accountable when you fail at something so you’ll make the right improvements going forward.

Use Tools Available

We are in an awesome time for online creativity and some people are making millions through blogging. is a great example so try to gain whatever lessons you can by following him through his journey. I remember when I first started reading this blog, he would post awesome reviews on products that helped him through his online career. It’s important to make use of tools that will streamline your creativity and blogging because you don’t need to waste time performing tasks that can be automated. Many people use plug-ins, templates, scheduling tools, keyword research tools, etc. Why?

All of these will help streamline the work you need to do so you can start translating into written content. While you’re performing tedious tasks, you’re NOT making any money so find ways to automate the tedious day-to-day work so everything you touch will be making you money.

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