Creating a landing page in AWeber, building a marketing funnel, and more!

In this video, we will cover the fine art of building a landing page and marketing sales funnel. We will do it all with the tool found inside Aweber. The video is an hour long so get a comfortable seat, grab a drink, pen and paper, and enjoy. You will learn:

  • How to maximize your list of buyers
  • Do you need a landing page to build an email list?
  • How to create a landing page in AWeber
  • How to embed a Spotify podcast on your AWeber landing page
  • How to embed a Twitch video on your AWeber landing page
  • How to make your emails more interactive using AMP for Email
  • How to add an image carousel to your emails in AWeber
  • Can you put a Facebook Pixel in an email?
  • What sets AWeber a cut above other email marketing services?
  • How to build a marketing funnel
  • How to add a countdown timer to your landing page and emails in AWeber
  • Adding a custom domain to an AWeber landing page
  • When to use a count down time in your emails

Get Aweber for FREE

Whether you are just starting a new business or need to grow your web audience, Aweber is the powerfully-simple way to create awesome-looking sales funnels and landing pages that will grow your audience while making your business look great.

Aweber offers a free account for all new customers. The free account lets you build a list of up to 500 subscribers and offers most of the features found in the Pro Account. It’s a great way to test drive Aweber to see how email marketing can help your business.