Create Your Own Affiliate Network With HasOffers


Have you ever wanted to create your own affiliate network and be the middle man between advertisers and publishers? Owning your own network is where the really big money is. This is why Shoemoney has ShoeMoney Offers, Chris Jones has Pepperjam Network and I have TTZ Media. A new service call HasOffers recently opened and it allows you to create your own affiliate network. And best of all, it’s free!

Over a year in the making, HasOffers by Adapp Solutions, is a white label application for affiliate networks. As a direct competitor to Direct Track, HasOffers provides all of the features a network needs to manage offers and affiliates while constantly monitoring their success.

Whether you have 1 offer or 1000, HasOffers can manage them all for you. It can also manage your affiliates and employees as well. Because HasOffer is white label, it can be totally customized to create the look and feel that you want.


Normally, starting an affiliate network is a pretty expensive affair, especially if you try to write your own network software. With HasOffer, you can be set up and running within minutes. While it’s designed for affiliate networks, Has Offer is also great for the bloggers or emarketers who wish to set up an affiliate site for their product or service. Shoemoney used HasOffer to power ShoeMoney Offers and he said it will helped him sign up over 100,000 people for his program.

Has Offers is free if your affiliates does less than 1 million clicks per month. If they do more than that, you’ll have to upgrade to the HasOffers Enterprise Version, which cost $799 per month. Then again, if your network is running over 1 million clicks per month, you won’t have a problem paying because you’ll make that much in an hour.

If you’re looking to create your own product, like an eBook or membership site, and require a free affiliate management solution, HasOffer is your solution. You can’t beat the starting price. If you want to create your own affiliate network and be the go to guy for both affiliates and advertisers, HasOffers has got you covered for that as well. Where ever you are in the affiliate game, you should check them out.

Create Your Own Affiliate Network With HasOffers