Create Videos and Diversify Your Content Marketing with These Tools

I’m a huge fan of incorporating videos into my content marketing strategy because it allows me to add some diversity into my content. For example, bloggers understand the power of videos to drive traffic to their blog and using them as a video aid to content that otherwise would be very difficult to understand. If you haven’t been implementing videos into your marketing strategy, then you’re behind the trend. They can provide you leverage in an otherwise very competitive market. From my experience, I’ve found that videos work well in the following ways to diversify your content marketing strategy….

First, certain people and demographics prefer content that has been translated into videos. People find them easy to follow through and understand, especially when there is a language barrier. Next, with the explosion of and other platforms, you have more channels to market your content. These channels provide loads of traffic opportunities. Finally, because videos are easy to grasp and understand, they are engaging and people tend to share them, increasing the chance of them going viral.

Before you can start implementing videos into your content marketing strategy, it’s important that you have the right tools available. You have both downloadable editing programs, which require some more work so let’s take a look at “3” cool online editing tools to streamline your creation process.


Rated as one of the top online video creation tools and it’s very simple to use. The whole interface is drag and drop so you can edit videos in a flash. In a competitive market, you need to be able to create videos quickly so this tool allows you to do just that. You have several pre-designed themes perfect for every niche and you even have some advanced features at your disposal. For those bloggers creating videos that need to tell a story, then make use of the snap to add text, transitions, effects, and audio. has an app for mobile phones so you can snap a video together and upload it while you’re on the move. In my previous blog posts, I mentioned how some of your most valuable ideas come when you’re on the move so having the ability to edit videos on the go is very important. offers 3 different price plans from Free to $15/mo, which is affordable for all people in every niche.


Many bloggers in my network had mentioned this video editing tool a few months ago, however, I never really paid close attention to it. At that time, I wasn’t heavy into creating videos, which I regret because the very few I did afterward generated enormous traffic for my blog. Either way, if you need an online tool to quickly create videos, then is the way to go. Here are the cool features… is great when creating explanation videos or tutorials, which is perfect for bloggers who spend time creating “How-To” content. The interface provides a drag and drop style that provides numerous text, highlighting, and crafting tools. A major difference between and is that with, you can add pre-made people into your videos, which is amazing for presentations, etc. There is one catch with, which is that you can only create or edit 45 seconds worth of video at any given time. To extend this time, you’ll have to purchase a full version of the tool, which ranges from $19/mo to $57/mo


I’m not too familiar with, however, I have heard a lot about this online tool and its effectiveness to create albums quickly and efficiently. As bloggers, our main purpose isn’t to create albums, but video tutorials for content marketing. has an interface that is great for creating online Podcasts of you talking or providing your feedback on a topic. Many bloggers have done very well with these types of videos, with a prime example being and his “Driving With JohnChow Series”. He uses a completely different tool to create his videos, however, you can understand how effective these types of videos are when you are a credible blogger like John Chow.

Wrapping It Up…

Your focus should be to have a tool that allows you to do exactly what you need to. Obviously, by now, you know your audience and the content they love to read. If you are creating videos going forward, then use the tools above to easily create and edit videos to fit the preference of your readers. The more you tap into your readers, the higher the chances of them engaging with what you’ve posted. This increases shares and popularity.

Don’t forget to publish your videos on your blog and video platforms like and These platforms make your videos accessible to those who will find them useful, increasing engagement and traffic.

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