Create and Get Started Blogging Online Part 15

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In Part 14 I had discussed marketing channels which I have used to build momentum quickly. Today, I’ll like to go over “3” of them which I can guarantee, if done correctly, will help boost visitors and build momentum quickly. I believe success depends on being able to drive traffic to your site better than others which also means a higher chance of success going forward. I think the higher traffic to your page will increase the chance of CTR, and finally conversions on your product or service. It’s truly a game of trial and error so you have to be careful when doing your initial testing. Many people in the beginning will get carried away, but if you know how to test different variations of you’re ad then you’ll have quicker success than others.

Let’s jump right in and look at the top “3” marketing channels which I know will help generate enormous traffic quickly to your website. Let’s get started…

Guest Posting –

This is one of the best ways to generate traffic quickly because you are focusing on reaching out to authority bloggers who have already established themselves within your niche. These people have loads of traffic, and have the EXACT type of traffic you are looking for going forward. I would recommend starting with about 3-4 bloggers within your niche, and then writing an email to each pitching your idea. If they accept then it’s time to write some of the best content you’ve written because this is what will guarantee opportunities going forward.

Here are a few tips to follow going forward:

  • Be genuine in your approach
  • Always pitch the best ideas
  • When you are done writing content make sure the grammar, and punctuation are correct
  • Always add your author bio towards the bottom

Forums –

Forums have been around way before many of us got started online. They have been around before sophisticated search engines came into existence which is why many people still depend on them to build momentum to their blogs. However, you have to be strategic in your approach even when posting on forums. For example,

You have to make sure the forums you choose are highly relevant, and authoritative. Posting on low quality forums will NOT help attract the right type of readers.

You want to make sure you put effort when answering questions because others will be online who will provide feedback on a topic. It’s important you stand out compared to everyone else which means to post answers which are in-depth, and provide a complete solution.

Always add your signature towards the bottom of your forum post. Sometimes you’ll have to build credibility before you can add one which should NOT be a problem especially if you are genuine in your approach.

Start by going to Google, and typing in quotations (“”) – main keyword + forums. Then go through each one until you find 3-4 which have a high number of members, etc.

Social Media –

I love social media because it can boost momentum to your blog within a few hours. I know some posts have gone viral within minutes because everyone else is promoting your content for you which is amazing because it’s less work for you…right? However, you have to know where, and how to target social media platforms. For example,

It’s important you focus on the most popular like: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also, you have tools which will help you find the right #hashtags so make sure you use them.

Split test which posting types are working for you. For example, do infographics, images or video work when marketing on social media? This will obviously depend on your niche so it’s important to keep a close eye on your statistics.

I’ve mentioned the “3” MOST popular social media platforms however you do have others available to you going forward. Pinterest, for example, has been awesome in driving traffic to my blog, but that’s because I have engaging images and infographics. LinkedIn has been awesome whenever I have been promoting career and educational based content because that’s what they special in…right?

You have to go through each learning what’s important, and how each can help grow your business going forward. Some will be better than others so make sure you split test while collecting data.

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