Create and Get Started Blogging Online Part 14 – Publishing Content & What’s next?

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We are ending our series, and have covered enormous ground. If you are just joining us I would recommend you read Parts 1-13 where we have discussed some of the MOST important elements of starting a blog. We covered such things like:

  • Choosing a domain
  • The right hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Customizations
  • Finding topic ideas
  • On-page SEO

Today we’ll be looking at publishing your content, and what to do right after to make sure you promote on the right channels. This will ensure you are setup for maximum exposure going forward, and can help generate traffic very quickly. As a matter of fact, much of what’s left is very easy, and you’ll be published with the click of a mouse button. I’ll admit marketing your content can be very hard, however I’m here to make this process easier for you going forward. Let’s jump right in, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s get started…

Publishing Content

Once you have written out your content, and done the required on-page SEO then all that’s left is for you to publish your content can be done with the click of a mouse. On the top right hand corner, you’ll see a publish button which when clicked will go live with your content. You have the ability to schedule your content to go live on a specific date that you can schedule through the calendar then by hitting the “Schedule” button. WordPress makes it very easy for you to go live with your content however I encourage all of you to ensure you have followed all the previous steps we have discussed. The MOST important is the on-page element that I’ve discussed in Part 13 of this series.

What’s next?

Once you have published your content, you’ll see it appear on your home page. WordPress is very good at displaying content by date so your MOST recent will always appear on the home page top. After, you can keep writing content and schedule for it to go live every 2-4 days. It’s important for optimization reasons you write content, and publish with precise frequency because Google loves this since it shows fresh content is being published on your blog.

Exploring Marketing Channels

Blogging success all depends on generating traffic which is why I encourage all my clients to ensure they explore as many channels as they have available. In Part 15 I’ll discuss a few in more detail however it’s important you know what’s available to you. You can start researching the following to check what type of hype your niche has on these channels.

Here are just a few to pay close attention to:

Forums – Almost every major niches have popular forums which are a great place to start attracting readers to your blog. These people are NOT only relevant, but you can add a link back to your content within your signature. You might have to prove your credibility before being able to add a signature however the wait time is well worth it because you can generate enormous traffic through popular forums.

Social Media – One of the best ways to generate enormous traffic because platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have millions of active people each day. You might have to do some research looking for the right #hashtags before starting so you attract the right type of people. In the end, social media is free, and can generate enormous traffic to your blog within a very short period of time.

Guest Posting – This technique is awesome to attract relevant people to your blog quickly. Find authority bloggers within your niche which accept guest blogging opportunities. You write high quality content, and link back to your blog through the author biography. Some of these influential bloggers have thousands of visitors each day which can equate to massive relevant traffic for your blog.

In the final part of this series I’ll be going over these “3” methods in a bit more detail so you guys can start implementing these strategies right away. These methods are awesome, and can increase buzz about your blog within a few hours.