Create and Get Started Blogging Online Part 12 – Writing Content the Right Way

Now that you have a list of awesome topics it’s time to get started writing out your ideas. At this point you’ll choose to write in your favorite word processor, but others choose to write within the WordPress backend. I personally like to write within my favorite word processor because it gives me more space and highlights some of the errors I’m making. With that said,

You need to organize the topics you have and write what you feel is the MOST popular right now within your niche. For example, after doing research you’ll have a good indication of the topics which got the MOST social shares within your niche, and can start to put together an outline for those topics. It will be much easier for you to write out content when you have a guide along the way which is why I encourage all of you to write out an outline before getting started.

Let’s jump right into this topic, and your feedback will be appreciated. If you are just joining us then I encourage all of you to visit parts 1-11 so you understand the entire process.

Choosing the Right Topic

As mentioned your topic selection will depend on what you have observed during your research process. For example, you’ll know what topics have been creating a buzz online simply by looking over their social shares profile. When a topic has been shared numerous times then it will continue to create a buzz with readers. Your job is to take the topic and write out something more in-depth because you know it will resonate with your readers. Here are some things you can do:

  • Add images
  • Add videos
  • Add infographics
  • Add more text
  • Improve the SEO element

All of these will help you stand out compared to the other competitors.

Creating an Outline

Always start by creating an outline because it will help guide your content writing. Start with the main keyword, for example: make money online. Then break it down into the following sub-headings:

  • Ways to make money online
  • Popular products and services
  • Reaching out to other bloggers
  • Setting up advertisements online
  • etc

Creating a solid outline will allow you to stay focused, and will NOT let you go off-track which is very important because people don’t want to read anything which will confuse them along the way. It’s time to take your main idea and start breaking it down into smaller components which will make it easier for you to write along the way. Always start with a focused main keyword, and then breakdown into smaller segments which are relevant.

The Content Structure

It’s been proven the way you write influences engagement enormously which is why I encourage all of you to pay close attention to your content structure. For example,

Start with an introduction which briefly explains your main topic. It’s also a good idea to mention what you’ll be covering within your article.

Write out your sub-headings so you know how your content will be flowing throughout your writing. These sub-headings should be related to your main keyword.

Your paragraphs should NOT include more then 5-6 sentences because people don’t like to read cluttered content. It pushes them away because they feel they’ll have to go through finding important points within your content.

The conclusion is very simple to write out because you have everything you need. For example, in the conclusion you will summarize what you have written throughout your content. Go through each paragraph giving people a point form account of what you have covered in each section. Next,

I like to end each content with an action plan. What does this mean? I like to give my readers some action steps they can take right now to start implementing what I have discussed throughout my content. Some visitors will be new to bloggers or your niche so will need someone to guide them along the way.

In Part 13, we’ll go over some optimization strategies which you can implement into your content writing. We’ll go over things like embedding keywords throughout content body, within the title and description. We’ll even look at final checklist before hitting publish. And remember, the easiest way to start blogging is with our free WordPress installation service.

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