Cool Ways Infographics Enhances Digital Marketing

I encourage everyone to start utilizing infographics in their content marketing because it can definitely help increase user engagement. Statistics shows infographic usage has increased 800% in 2 years which is a staggering number. This data also means that bloggers and developers must be having great success using them within their content and/or in social media platforms. If you haven’t switched over to implementing infographics within your content it’s strongly recommended you start making an effort. Google has been making enormous tweaks to their search algorithm and soon infographics will be given prestige over regular images. This is NOT a huge shift because you have so many free tools that will help you get started quickly and provide charts, graphs, text and other drag + drop elements making it very easy. Here’s something for you to keep in mind…

The internet connects people from all over the world so it’s important your content resonates with people in different languages. Illustrations have been proven to get the point across quickly and engage people from all over the world. Infographics are easier to understand and grasp no matter what your first language. Digital marketing without infographics is no longer an option. Here are cool ways infographics enhances digital marketing.

Social Platforms Love Them

Most of the popular social platforms have been tweaked to improve the way images are displayed when sharing. As a matter of fact some of them only allow pictures to be “shared” and posted. Infographics are perfect when sharing because they not only look good when shared, but will tell an entire story quickly. If your trying to build a brand then what better way to get a message across then to share an infographic. Next, since they are so popular they cause a chain effect afterwards generating enormous amount of traffic. It’s been proven numerous times content with substance goes viral quickly so posting a detailed infographic will have the same effect. Here are some pointers…

  • Share on those social networks that display infographics entirely
  • Make sure infographic is relevant
  • Use colors which are attractive and will stand out
  • Use a catchy headline above your infographic

Great Way to Reduce Clutter

Infographics are a great way to reduce clutter by condensing the amount of text required to illustrate your point. Imagine taking a 1,500 word post and creating an infographic illustrating the exact same value? When people are searching the web their looking for a solution quickly and don’t have time to skim through lengthy content. There has been debate over the ideal length for content however with infographics your essentially avoiding such a problem. Here’s a great example, was able to display “3” years of statistics through “1” simple infographics. Next, imagine how effectively you can use infographics to illustrate case study results. Through infographics you can compress thousands of words of content into a single image. These days infographics are so advanced you can have charts and graphs move when someone hovers on them with their mouse.

Infographics are More Engaging

As mentioned above, infographics are more advanced than they were a few years back and you can add transitions or animations to them. This means your giving visitors more control over the way they engage with them leaving it in their hands to grasp information the way they feel comfortable. You can include colors, charts, graphs, directional elements and users can navigate through data they find relevant. The more people can easily engage with information and gain knowledge the more likely they will share it on social platforms.

Increase Average Time on Website

Bounce rate is a huge ranking factor and it normally indicates how engaging your visitors find your content. Google keeps track of the amount of time people spend on your website and a high bounce rate usually means visitors couldn’t find what they were looking for online. It can also mean content was displayed poorly and visitors simply couldn’t navigate through it. Utilizing infographics will solve both of these problems.

First, interactive infographics will be more engaging with different clickable elements and moving charts. They also tell a bigger story, but more quickly and users will find out if it provides the solution they are looking for. If it does you can enjoy a lower bounce rate and higher social engagement. An engaging infographic will enjoy higher link possibilities from external sources.

Infographics have been proven to lower both bounce rate and increase time spend on site however it’s important you take the necessary steps to ensure you create an infographic that’s special and meets your objective.

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