Cool Landing Page Tricks I Use to Convert Visitors

Welcome to another post discussing some cool landing page conversion tips and tricks I’ve learned over several months. I’m in constant testing mode, so I am always learning cool things along the way. I like to keep discussing what I feel is important for landing page optimization. It’s no secret that getting visitors to opt into your business is very important if you want your blog to grow. Through your landing page, you can gather email subscribers and keep having people come back to your website, increasing engagement. However, you have to try new things so your landing page doesn’t become stagnant. I’ve recently started using some cool applications to increase conversions and am still testing how they help with my conversion rate. I’ll post an update once I get some data together.

Here are some other tips to utilize going forward that should help increase conversion rate.

Let’s get started…

Straight to the Point

If you want to increase conversions, then only ask for the important information, keeping your page as short as possible. When people need to read too much, they automatically think it’s going to take time, avoiding the opt-in. I always recommend keeping landing pages short and right to the point. You’re NOT trying to make a sale, but get the visitor’s email address to market to them at a later time. Whenever I setup my landing page, I create a list of the MOST important points of my product or service, listing them in point form. My main objective is to entice visitors to give me their email address so I can put them through a follow-up sequence.

Using Autofill

I was introduced to this strategy by Neil Patel, who did a case study and the results were incredible. Compressing the work people need to do will dramatically increase your opt-in rate. For example, implementing an application to fill in form by simply allowing people to opt-in when they log into their social media accounts cuts down the entire process. The process is so simple that all visitors have to do when they arrive to your page is log into their social account (if they are not already) and confirm the data that gets filled in. According to some data and case studies, having this system in place has increased conversions by 189%. View the complete report right here.

Mobile Optimized Forms

Mobile usage is growing each year so it’s important you keep up with the trends. Many of the ESP providers are providing forms optimized for mobile display, however, you can still do your part by making a few changes when creating them. For example, use clear call to actions, shorter text, and colors easy on the eyes when your forms are viewed on mobile display. It’s strongly recommended to test and tweak forms until an optimal conversion rate is achieved.

Offer an Incentive

If you have a “link building” blog, then you should find a way to give something away in exchange for their email address. You know they have arrived on your website to find information on link building and how to effectively apply strategies to boost rankings in the SERP’s. I’ve done extremely well collecting email addresses in exchange for a list of do-follow article directories. To date, I’ve collected 307 email subscribers within a 2 month period by doing nothing but creating my initial list, which took me 4 days. This opt-in form continues to generate enormous subscribers and I can continue to use it to grow my list. I now run a series of follow-ups to the same list, offering other epic link building content and have generated sales selling a product relevant to keyword research. It’s a cool strategy that every authority blogger uses; for example, gives away a FREE eBook for your email address.


This is amazing if you’re selling a product and want to add credibility. If you can find a way to showcase what others are saying about your product, then this will help with landing page conversions. Obtaining reviews and testimonials is very easy because you have to send a follow-up email to those who have purchased your product, asking them for feedback. Let them know you’ll like to post their feedback on your website so they know how you’ll be using the information you collected.

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