Content Statistics You Need To Know

Content marketing is about getting in front of people so you can start increasing your ROI. If you are advertising a product and service, it’s important you know the fundamentals of content marketing and how you can increase the effectiveness of your campaign. Much of my research and marketing has been based around case studies and how you can streamline content writing and conversions. Here’s what I think personally,

There is too much information available online and things get confusing however if you have the right statistics to help guide your strategy your better off compared to most. For example, when I start writing content I always look for statistics on my topic which I can leverage to enhance my overall objective. If I’m an ecommerce website I’ll research how content helps build the credibility and how I can leverage the strategies mentioned. I’ll even research how many people click-through from content to purchase a product.

Anyway, here’s some cool statistics I gathered online which will help guide your content marketing going forward.


82% of Marketers See Positive ROI For Their Inbound Marketing

Getting a positive ROI on your inbound marketing has everything to do with relevance and knowing what your audience is searching for. First, I believe content only performs well if it resonates with your audience so you need to know who they are. For example, research location, gender, interests, age group and search pattern. Once you have determined those elements you’ll have an easier time guiding your content. Did you know…

Most bloggers fail at content marketing because they don’t know what their audience loves to read. However, 82% of bloggers who keep their audience in mind and research every topic before writing see a positive ROI. In the end, here’s what it comes down to…

Research allows you to find out more about your audience and what their looking for. This helps create engaging content which generates traffic and increases ROI. It’s that simple!

Content Costs Less, But Generates 3X More!

This is an awesome statistic because it shows you the power of content and why it’s increasing as a marketing funnel each year. After Google started tweaking its search engine to boost high value content in the SERP’s, bloggers are leveraging this to generate more profit. Old marketing techniques like banner, PPC and PPV are still useful, but ONLY to big name companies with a huge marketing budget. Here’s something cool…

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing techniques like PPC, banner, etc and it’s generates 3x more return in profit and leads. That’s something to consider the next time you are about to spend thousands on traditional marketing.

70% of People Read Articles to Learn About a Company

This one is cool because I’ve always loved content marketing and the power it holds compared to ads. I never had the money to invest in traditional advertising so often relied on content writing and link building to get where I want to. Knowing that 70% of people rather read articles, content, etc to learn about a company is a (+) for every blogger who doesn’t have the money to invest on marketing campaigns funneled through PPC, banner, etc.

You’ll notice a majority of websites now have a “blog” link on their website and this statistic is the reason why. Having a blog link let’s companies write content on their own and provide updates/launch news through their own editorial team.

Visual vs. Text-Based (Wow)

I’m sure you’ve heard that images are a great way to increase engagement on social networks like and However, have you wondered how well they do in content marketing? Here’s something cool you should know…

Having images and videos within your content will increase your views by 94% which is a staggering number. Many people ask: Why is this? The answer is simple…

With so much information available on the web people are in a hurry to get the solution they are looking for. First, the search pattern of people has shifted from general to long-term specific. Next, the expansion of the web has a negative effect as it allows people to post low quality content. This lowers trust and people quickly skim through content making sure they’ll find the value their looking for before staying on the page longer. The internet connects people from all over the world and they have different ways of engaging with the content. Some understand images better then text and videos better than images. The point is people are quick to make a decision on the content and are even quicker to absorb the content. Images and videos allow them to accomplish both in a very short period of time.

87% of Internet Device Sales Will Be Smart-Phones and Tablets

This is a huge statistic and it tells you alot about the direction which content marketing is heading. Knowing this allows you to make adjustments increasing the chances of your content marketing conversions going forward. We all know mobile and tablet devices are increasing each year, but NOT all of us are familiar with strategies to leverage them to increase engagement. For example, what can we do to leverage marketing techniques we’re already using? Simple…

First, everything we do online like create content, newsletters, landing pages, marketing campaigns, etc, we should ensure they are compatible with mobile phones and tablets. If 87% of sales will generate from these devices we should ensure we have the right tools in place. We are lucky because many of the tools we use have already made the switch to be compatible with mobile and tablets. For example, ESP are making sure their newsletters can be read on mobile devices. Next, blogging platforms like WordPress are making mobile- friendly themes so website’s can make the adjustments easily. Not to mention there are plug-in for older themes to easily streamline the mobile-friendly transition. Here’s something else that’s cool…

Bloggers are using strategies which convert well with mobile and tablet users. Newsletters are shorter and to the point while web designs are using colors perfect for mobile users. Even the content created has less clutter making it easier to read and engage with. These factors and many more are the reasons why sales will be made from non-traditional devices.

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