Content Generation – A Different Philosophy

Today, I’ll be writing about something I’ve covered numerous times within my other posts, but this is a different approach to lead generation. Just like I’ve said, you have to keep trying different things to get it right, and you have to keep lead generation strategies in mind, too. For example, we often rely on our content to drive traffic to our website and create conversions so why NOT find optimal ways to get this done as well? Lead generation is something you have to test and tweak along the way because if you don’t, you’ll be losing potential clients or customers. A few days ago, I was reading an article on lead generating and the “AAA” method, which I’d like to discuss right now. What does triple “A” stand for? Simple…

  • Attraction
  • Awareness
  • Automation

These three can be used to put a solid system in place to build traction in your content marketing strategy. Let’s get started…


When in a niche, it’s important you attract readers by writing content they can’t find anywhere else. It’s important you incorporate the right headlines, keywords, and images to create user engagement. I believe every niche is going to have competition so it’s the way you create your content that will let you stand out compared to others. Without creating the initial attraction, you won’t be able to drive those people to your blog, later creating a conversion. How do you create the initial conversion? Here are a few things to keep a close eye on:

  • Research keywords and ideas. You can visit forums, competitors, and even ask your visitors for content ideas.
  • Use the right headlines and description within your content to gain traction.
  • Incorporate elements missing in competitor content like images and videos

Once you have content that cannot be conquered by anyone else, it’s time to build awareness. This can be defined in two ways, which I’ll discuss.


You have awareness as it applies to people reading the content on your blog, making sure they understand the value. Secondly, you have “awareness” as it applies to visibility, which can be done through social media and other marketing campaigns. Both are very important because if you can get your point across, then you have just increased your CTR and ROI. I suggest using what you already know and what you have learned in the past about content marketing. For example, here is what has worked for me in the past:

  • Social media is great because you can find relevant traffic and a lot of people use the major networks
  • Forums targeted to your niche is a great way to build awareness
  • Shoot a follow-up to your list so they can engage with your content
  • Guest blogging is great to build momentum quickly

Once they are on your page, you have to make sure they understand the value. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Short paragraphs are easier to digest
  • Add images and videos to help illustrate point
  • Comment box to share questions and provide answers


It’s time to automate the process…


This can be done by using tools and having an opt-in form on your page. Some tools like Bufferapp are great to automate tweets and have Facebook integrations. Another huge way to build engagement is by shooting an email to your list so they can interact with your content and share it on their network. I admit many of them are already your readers, but your goal should be for them to share your content so others will visit your website. This way, they will read your content and might even opt-in or purchase a product you are selling.

These are two ways I’ve mentioned from the top of my head, but you have so many tools in the market that you can use to automate content marketing and lead generation. Make sure you choose one you are comfortable with so you know exactly how to optimize going forward.

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