Content Changes to Keep an Eye On

Content marketing continues to change over the years and we have been able to learn a lot. However, some beginners still need to know what to expect going forward because this will help them make the right decisions about their future content marketing implementation. I believe blogging is an “art” form that has to be changed with the trends so you have to stay well aware of the changes being made over time within your industry. Content marketing is the ability to promote products and services through your writing and this strategy has been growing enormously in recent years. Imagine ranking for specific keywords within your industry and selling a problem? This can generate enormous sales for you going forward.

Let’s get started and look at some changes to keep an eye on and how you should implement them into your blogging. I have split this content into a three part series so I can elaborate into each element deeper.

Mobile Users are Very Important

With the growing use of mobile users, it’s important your site and content is tweaked for these users. This means making sure each element is tested and tweaked numerous times to ensure it is optimized when seen by mobile users. Let’s think about it this way. Imagine 50% of those who arrive on your website come straight from smart phones and your website has NOT been optimized. This means you can lose a potential 50% readership and conversions, which is a staggering amount, especially when this is your main source of income.

Going forward, no matter what changes you make to your website and what content you publish, it’s important to make sure they are completely optimized for mobile users. Here are a few things you can do to get started…

  • Test your mobile site on “Google mobile testing tool”. If there is an error, then you have to make some changes going forward.
  • Research and find some mobile optimized themes that are easy to implement. This is much easier if you are using WordPress.
  • Test using your phone, making sure the theme is optimized and run the Google test analyzing the results.

Going forward, I see the use of mobile phones growing so this change isn’t going anywhere. You should already find ways to implement mobile optimized tweaks into your website.

Content Marketing – Visual Content

Have you noticed the presence of images, infographics, and videos within the content you read online? This is because the way we capture the essence of the content is changing and we have to make sure we make those shifts, too. For example, visitors are looking for information swiftly so you have to find ways to attract them as soon as they land on your page. Next, you have to make sure your content can be understood by people all over the world and I believe there is a simple solution for both.

The use of images and infographics gives you the flexibility to add large headlines, colors, and to tell a story quickly. Going forward, it’s important to start making the use of both these features because they will help convert and build engagement. Many of the social media platforms have optimized the way they display images on their network, which is awesome for you when your content is shared.

In our time, creating images and infographics are very cheap so you should utilize them where you can. Remember, when your reader is looking for a quick solution, they won’t wait around to skim through 2,000+ words so provide them with a proven alternative. Infographics and images can get your point across quickly and build the initial engagement you need to increase conversions.

Once you implement these “2” quick strategies, then you can move into the other two mentioned in Part 2 of my series. Content marketing is the new trend and it’s important you start making the right changes immediately because I’ll guarantee your competitors definitely are.

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