Congrats To Ashley Chow – Class of 2009

Man, how time flies. It seemed like only yesterday when Ashley Chow was just starting grade 1. This week, she reached a milestone that everyone of us will always remember – high school graduation! The David Thompson Class of 2009 graduation ceremony was held at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Vancouver on the same night as the Irashai Grill open house. This actually worked out perfectly for me because the open house was at 5PM and Ashley’s grad ceremony didn’t start until 7PM.

The Orpheum Theater is a place that I remembered well. It was the place where my high school grad ceremony was held only a few generations ago. I have to tell you, while walking across the stage to receive your high school diploma maybe a thrill, it’s nothing compare to the thrill you’ll get when you see your daughter walk across the stage.

If you wish to congratulate Ashley for her achievement, you may leave her a note in the comments or send her a congrats tweet. Congratulations to Ashley Chow, Class of 2009. Now, go take over the world!