Concocting Creative Recipes for Success

I absolutely believe that there is tremendous value in following people that you admire in your industry. If you’ve been involved with Internet marketing and professional blogging for some length of time, then there are a few big names in this business that are probably familiar to all of you. Most of you probably know about Shoemoney, Darren Rowse, Zac Johnson and Neil Patel, among countless others.

Maybe you look up to them. Maybe you look up to John. And that’s all great, because they can provide you with tremendous insights into how you can better achieve success in your own career. But if you were to perfectly emulate exactly the same path, making exactly the same decisions along the way, you might not end up in the same place, holding up a seven or eight-figure novelty check for a photo opportunity. The circumstances are different. You are different.

Into the Mixing Bowl

And if you were to do something completely different, embarking into totally uncharted territory with a brand new idea and a totally new vision, you might actually achieve far greater success than you could have possibly imagined. Or you could just fall flat on your face. You never know.

Because of this incredible uncertainty, not only in Internet marketing but in the world of business in general, there are countless hordes of people out there who just want to be told what to do. They want to be provided with a step-by-step tutorial that they can follow to a tee to achieve the kind of success they desire. But that kind of perfectly rigid and defined road map simply does not success.

There is no single recipe for success.

Putting It All Together

Some people might read those words and feel discouraged. They might feel like even if they do what they think are all the right things and follow all the right steps, they still might not get to the level that they want to get to. Because there is no recipe for success. You can’t just follow a pre-defined set of steps and expect to be showered with rainbows and cupcakes and rainbow-covered cupcakes. That’s just not how it works.

But you’re not just some people, right?

If there was a single, pre-defined recipe for success, don’t you think everyone else would have already followed it? And if everyone else was following exactly the same recipe, the market would get saturated with exactly the same things over and over again to the point where they would no longer deliver any value to anyone. The recipe would become obsolete, and then you’d be left with no recipe again.

No. That’s not the point. And even if you got your hands on this secret recipe that no one else knew about, life could get boring awfully quickly, because you’d be following exactly the same formula every time to achieve exactly the results you predicted. That’s not the kind of thing that would get most people out of bed in the morning.

Inspired Cooking in the Kitchen

Instead, recognize that the lack of a single recipe for success is not a point of discouragement, but rather a source of inspiration and creativity. That fact should invigorate you, because it means that your day and all the days ahead are filled with boundless opportunity and possibility. You get up each day to take another creative crack at it, not completely certain how it will turn out. That’s the thrill of it and that makes the reward that much more rewarding.

Yes, you may approach these challenges with a similar set of tools and ingredients and resources. Yes, you may follow certain best practices to give yourself the best shot at success, but at the end of the day, it’s about putting yourself out there in new and imaginative ways. This is true whether you’re writing blog posts, putting together videos for YouTube, designing landing pages for affiliate campaigns, or any number of other creative and potentially lucrative endeavors.

Because when you achieve a certain level of skill and expertise in the kitchen, you don’t need to be following the recipes in someone else’s cookbook anymore anyway. You’ve got your own dishes to create. Go crack some eggs. Bon appetit.

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