Computex 2008 – Do You Like Beautiful Girls?

Computex Booth Babe

I’ve just finished uploading my booth babe pictures to the TTZ Gallery. You can check them out here and see the other 2008 Computex galleries here.

Booth babes and trade shows seem to go hand in hand. It’s a know fact that one of the best ways to get traffic to your site is to post some photos of beautiful girls. After all, everyone likes beautiful girls.

Beautiful girls are also a great way to attract traffic to your booth. The Computex show in Taipei uses booth babes for more than just eye candy. Some are expected to do a lot more than just stand around and get their picture taken by female deprived tech geeks. The booth babes used by Computex can be divided into four distinct working groups.

Group 1 – The Floor Babe

Booth babe of Computex

This is the booth babe show goers of normal trade shows are familiar with. She stand around the company booth handing out company PR material. If you ask her to, she will gladly pose for a photo or have a photo taken with you.

At Computex, the products comes first. When you take a picture of a Computex floor babe, she will always hold out the product in front of the camera. If she is holding PR material, she will make sure it gets into the picture as well. She will also try to give you the PR stuff as well.

Group 2 – Roaming Floor Babes

Floor babes

Unlike other trade shows, the booth babes at Computex are allowed to roam the floor in order to get attendees to visit their booth. They go out in group of two or more, holding signs that ask people to visit their booth. Many times, the girls are sent into a competitor’s booth to try and distract their demos.

Group 3 – The Demo Babe

Demo Babe

The demo babe is generally the highest paid booth babe, making as much as $400 USD per day for a show like Computex. In addition to being eye candy, the demo babe has to present the company products during scheduled presentations. She needs to be able to speak both English and Chinese. She is often accompanied on stage by the floor babes, who will model the products.

Group 4 – Roaming Demo Team

Roaming demo babes

Big companies like Intel and AMD maintain booth babe teams that will visit partner booths to give presentations. The team’s job is to attract attention for the partner booth. The girls will dance, give out prizes and just create a lot of action around them. This action generally attract the attention of roaming floor babes, who will come and try to tell the people to visit their booth.

Booth Babe Duels

For some strange reason, many companies at Computex schedule their demos at the same time as the booth next to them. This creates a booth babe duel as two demo teams try to out do each other. Most of the time, the battle ends in a draw. However, in the video below, the Thermaltake babes were clearly kicking the asses of the Hitachi girls.