Computex 2007 – Lost In The Translation

Here are some some funny English signs we came across while touring Computex and Taipei. We’ll forgive them because English is not the main language of the country, but it’s still funny.


The the choice of enthusiasts worldwild. I’m sure enthusiasts really do go wild for the product.


We’re still trying to find their blog.


You can find the Mega Bank at the Mega Holdings Building. I guess that’s what you call the building if you can’t use the name Trump.


This company makes some fine chit. I’m sure they make the best fine chit in Taipei, maybe even the world.


We’re not exactly sure how Yoyo translate to Young & Open but the female clothing store did have a lot of young girls inside. However, we are not sure how open they were.


Inside the Young & Open store, you can find this really sheet T-shirt!


Please don’t ask us where we saw this sign.