Commemorative Edition Lingenfelter Corvette

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I was reading this month’s issue of Road & Track and noticed they had a test on the Commemorative Edition Lingenfelter Corvette. This car features a hand built C5R based 427 CID Gen II twin turbo engine cranking out over 600 HP at the rear wheels on 93 octane-unleaded fuel. Enough power to do 136MPH in the quarter mile and light up the rear tires when cruising on the freeway at 70MPH.

Each car gets a custom Caravaggio Conolly leather interior, Lingenfelter C6 body kit, massive 345 series Michelin Sport tires on 19”x12” rear HRE forged three piece aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, serial numbered badges and side emblems.

Complete cars start at under $140,000.00. Only 25 cars will be built and serial numbers can be reserved now. Seeing as serial #1 has been bashed around by Road & Track, I think I will take No. 25. Assuming Sarah doesn’t kill me.