The Importance of Coming Soon Pages (with Examples)

Promoting your website is one of the few universal keys that unlock the doors of digital success. Creating good content is super important. Running good campaigns, alluring design, collaborations, creativity…all of those pieces play a very important role respectively, but promotion is just one step above, because regardless of the outstanding quality of your content, how can anyone see it of you don’t spread the word? 

There are many great techniques of promotion, but one of the most prolific ones, reserved for only the superfine players that know success is right around the corner, is pre promotion. Some people start their promotion from their first postings, but losing out all of the users and traffic that you can attract from starting to spread the word out before the website itself gets launched? Not a chance! 

You need to build the story up, get people hyped about their new favorite bookmark and emphasize that there is a great new story coming up and that they need to be a part of it. That’s where the ‘coming soon’ page kicks in. By setting it up and promoting it on social media, forums, comments and other sections, you get an audience before the content itself gets released. 

Coming Soon Pages — What They Are and Why You Need Them

Firstly, you need to set up a good looking coming soon page – humans are visual beings and if the design meets their appetites, there is a much higher chance that they will stick around. The next step would be to add all of the relevant information about the website that is going to emerge in the following period. The countdown timer is a beautiful touch so the people know exactly when to expect your website to log in, and in addition it gives a tone of anticipation and excitement which works highly in your favor. 

Throwing in an email subscription form is of very high value as well. Offer some type of promotional discounts, newsletters or something similar for the upcoming users to engage in a reward system for their loyalty. A coming soon page can do wonders for your SEO, because if you start optimizing before the launch, you will get better results faster. And as pointed out in these landing page examples, when creating a ‘coming soon’ page for your site, you will also want to make sure it represents your brand and first impression as well.

So much sure to include the following elements on your coming soon page:

  • Contact info or contact form
  • Brand logo and why the site is down
  • Links to your preferred social platforms
  • An email subscribe form for updates

By having all of these in place, you will see much better results with your temporary page, versus just throwing a white page up and saying “come back later”. By linking out to your social profile pages, this is also a great way to bring in new social followers while your site is under construction.

Since we agree on how social media is important for the growth and overall success to your website, it’s extremely important to include these elements within your pages, while also making them easy to view and access at all times. Your coming soon page is the perfect place to pin your social media accounts with buttons, so you can drive more users towards the accounts where you will frequently notify them about all updates of your website.

When you engage in the process of website making, it can be a messy place with tools all around the floor – disordered sections, plugins randomly working, widgets out of place…it’s not an environment to brag with, and no potential user should have that kind of unflattering insights that will scare them away immediately. Same goes for updating your website or doing some type of construction work where your website is under maintenance, and the visitors just shouldn’t stick around under those circumstances.

And what is the solution? The fitting plugin of course! 

To set the most remarkable coming soon page or under maintenance mode, get the hype up, raise awareness and spread the word, expand on social media and email marketing fields, kickoff the SEO and create the best story possible, you need a helping hand from the right tools that will stand by your side. 

Popular Coming Soon Page and Under Maintenance Solutions

Just like everything when it comes to site design or using WordPress, you are going to have plenty of solutions to choose from. The same is true for coming soon pages for your site as well. And it’s not just about choosing a design, it’s also about knowing which options are best and where to find the right customization and features for each.

Not sure which ones to pick from the wide selection of available plugins? Don’t worry because we are about to cover the best ones for you to choose from and snatch your new loyal helper:

1.) Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

You’ve got a thing for plugins that make your life easier with straightforward features that you’ll actually use, that is simple to learn and use and that will do the job just as you like it? Well you’ve arrived at the right place. One of the most crucial perks is what you care about the most, and that is the speed that won’t get brought down even by a bit. It keeps things clean, fast with a design that you’ll be able to craft to your exact will. Let’s jump into the features and discover what you obtain with this plugin:

1 Million+ Free Images

In the digital sphere, sight is distinguished as the most important sense, considering our visualizing nature, which leads us to a conclusion that remarkable images are a must have on your website. And with over a million free specimens in high quality, you will undoubtedly find the ones you need.

120+ Remarkable Themes

No matter what type of business you’ve got rolling, finding a theme will not cause a second of stress. Simply customize it to your own preferences and enjoy a wide selection of professional, attention-grabbing, remarkable themes.

You also also click here to read through a bunch of recommended WordPress themes and blogging tips on how to improve the overall look of your site and content.

Get Things Done Faster

While creating this plugin, the focus was streamed towards making it simple to learn and use, instead of creating something that will waste your time by producing a complicated software that takes hours to master. Download and start working!

Easy Access for Clients

It’s time to show off your progress and hard work on your website, but only to the client? With this feature, you will be able to generate a secret access link and provide it to your client for them to be satisfied, but still keep it a secret from the users.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode includes more features, such as SEO setup with analysis, search engine preferences, Google analytics, or email collecting compatibility with autoresponder, CRM, webinar and marketing software, but I’ll leave it to you to poke around and satisfy your curiosity by clicking here. A touch of class from this plugin is the Risk-Free Guarantee policy, where if you don’t like a plugin within the next seven days, you will get a full refund. Will you use this feature? I’m pretty sure not. There is only one way to find out.

2.) UnderConstructionPage

Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of coming soon and under construction pages that has the solution for every scenario you might encounter. This plugin beautifully fulfills its purpose, but the fact that it takes so little effort to get so good results is what makes it stand out. Claiming that it has absolutely everything you need to create a perfect coming soon or under construction page needs to be corroborated, and there is no better way to do it than reviewing the features:

Beginner Friendly Drag & Drop Builder

Your level of expertise becomes irrelevant when using this plugin because the usage simplicity makes it approachable by everyone. User-friendly, fast and functional.

1 million+ Premium Images

We’ve mentioned the importance of images in online content creating, and with over a million of them in HD and 4K resolutions, this section gets an A+ degree. Search for the ones that meet your needs and get everything done within clicking range.

210+ Templates

When you are in a tight time schedule and need to setup an under construction page in less than a minute, what do you do? With this plugin, you set the timer, pick one of the 210 templates available, type in the appropriate text and stop the timer. Done within minutes, guaranteed!

Affiliate & Traffic Tracking

Tracked inbound links and targeted traffic for the best possible conversion rates are under check. Activate this feature and share away!

Add to that maximum flexibility and customizability of the entire website, exceptional support and even more features accessible, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Over 3.5 million downloads, countless 5 star reviews, Risk-Free Guarantee included in this plugin as well…there are more than a few reasons to give this plugin a test drive, and you can do it by clicking here.

3.) Maintenance

To end on a good note, we turn towards yet another exceptional plugin that exudes with simplicity and functionality – Maintenance. Tailored to look glorious on all devices, customizable through all relevant categories and simple for setting up and running, those would be the key words to describe this plugin. Its multilanguage feature allows you to translate the coming soon or under construction website in over 100 languages, and all it takes is one click. Collecting emails falls into the easy category for this plugin considering that it’s fully integrated with MailOptin, which then allows you to connect to MailChimp and other autoresponder services. Other features include:

  • retina ready HTML/CSS layout
  • Full-screen background (Backstretch)
  • Blur background effect
  • Upload your own logo
  • User login on frontend
  • 503 error on/off
  • Google analytics support
  • Exclude selected pages from Maintenance mode
  • Support for all popular caching plugins

A minimalistic approach that allows you to set everything up in minutes with precise features and completely free to use is what Maintenance is all about. Over 400,000 active installations; are you ready to become a part of the pack? If the answer is yes, click here.

All Sites Need a Well Designed Maintenance Page for All Situations

In conclusion, a coming soon page is vital for a strong start of your website. The benefits of promoting your upcoming content, strengthening your social media, upgrading the SEO…they are just too good to miss out on. When your website is going through crafting and preparing, there needs to be content available so the users know exactly what’s cooking, which is why a maintenance mode page can’t be left out. 

With these plugins, you will be able to get the perfect result every time, and whenever your website needs to go incognito, you’ll have the solution ready with only a few clicks. That’s why it’s time to give them a test run, pick the ideal one for your preferences and start constructing.