Clickbooth Is Hiring, Apply For Your Dream Job Now!

Have you ever wanted to work for an affiliate network and watch all the big affiliate marketers make hundreds of thousands per month while you make peanuts? Well, you’re in luck because Clickbooth is hiring! Think about it. As an affiliate manager you’ll be able to see what offers all the top affiliates are running and copy them! 😀 …..Oh wait. If you do that, they’ll fire your ass… Forget what I just wrote.

All kidding aside, Clickbooth is a great company to work for. Located in sunny Sarasota, Florida (home of the second best beach in America), Clickbooth is ranked as one of Florida Trend Magazine’s “2009 Best Companies To Work For”. If you are an expert in online sales, marketing, business development, design, media buying, accounting or human resources and would like to become part of the Clickbooth team, then send them your résumé now! I would apply but living The Dot Com Lifestyle makes me unemployable.