Christmas Gift From Google – Part 2

I had just finished making the post about the Christmas gift Google sent me when the FedEx man came knocking on my door with another gift from Google! This gift is the long awaited Google picture frame. Not only does it display photos from your SD card, but it also plays MP3 and MP4 videos as well.

I can tell the Google AdSense team is trying to be very politically correct with this gift. There was not one mention of Christmas anywhere in the greeting card, which contain “Happy Holiday” and “Season’s Greeting” in over 20 languages.

This is the gift Google is sending all their domestic and international publishers. The picture frame includes an adapter plug that works in every country in the world. I’m going to place the frame on top of my living room fireplace. It should compliment the other picture frames and make for an interesting conversation piece.

No word on how much AdSense volume you must do in order to qualify for a gift from Google. Maybe the readers can help out on this one. If you received a gift, maybe you can tell us your monthly AdSense volume. It would be interesting to find the cut off level.