Chow On The Shoe – More Prizes For The RSS Competition

$1,800 of New Prizes Added!

We’re off to a good start in the John Chow Vs. Shoemoney RSS Competition. I have taken the early lead but I’m sure Shoe will be unleashing something big soon. Well, he can bring it because I’m going into stage two of my master plan. Thanks to the support of some kind sponsors, I’m adding $1,800 of prizes to the RSS competition. The new items up for grabs include:

The biggest prize of them all: a complete WordPress blog redesign valued at $750 by Adriann Pienaar of Adii. The winner will get a custom, unique blog design (unlimited revisions by the client). The design will be supplied to the winner as a widget-ready WordPress theme. You can see some of Adriann’s work here.

How Do I Get My Hands On These Great Prizes?

First, you need to subscribe to my RSS feed and check it every day for the rest of this month. Then you need to blog about it. Link to this post and/or to the post announcing the RSS competition and link to my RSS feed so your readers can sign up to it. Here’s an example of what I’m looking for.

Help John Chow beat Shoemoney in their RSS competition. John is offering some great prizes for people signing up to his full feed RSS. Shoe is offering nothing so go John!

After you’ve done that, send me an email with the link to the post. Once confirm the rules have been met, I’ll add you to the draw. Some of the prizes will be given away randomly to RSS readers but you will only know about it if you subscribe to the RSS feed. It will not be posted on the blog.

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I am adding an option to subscribe to my RSS via email. This is a really cool way to subscribe. Enter your email address into the subscription box below, then confirm the confirmation email. Once you’ve done that, you will receive all my future post deliver right to your email box! Even if you already subscribed and read my blog with a RSS reader, you will want to give RSS by email a try. It’s really cool.

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