Choosing the Right Domain

Thanks again for joining us while we explore the complete step-by-step process in starting a blog that converts, and builds momentum quickly. So far, we’ve covered things like choosing your niche, and looked at factors like passion and demand. Now that you have a better idea of your niche, it’s important we start exploring domain names, and what makes a “name” special. There are certain rules you have to follow when choosing a domain name because this is the beginning of your brand. If you choose a name that is too long, it’ll be hard to remember, however, if it’s too short, then might NOT reflect your niche. In the end, you want to make sure your domain follows a solid criteria like:

  • Identifies your brand
  • Can be remembered
  • Can be used if you expand
  • Is available
  • And has the right extension

Now that we have covered some of the important things, we can dig deeper, and look at ways to find the perfect domain. I will try and cover everything in “1” single part but will add a second if I feel you need more depth. Let’s get started.

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Part 3 – Choosing the Right Domain

I believe having the right type of domain is very important because this will represent your brand. You’ve probably noticed some of the top bloggers online have used their personal name to represent their company. This is a strategy because they are building their brand based around their personal name. The next time you hear their name, you’ll know the experience they add within the niche. I encourage you to think about two very important things right now…

  • Will you be registering a domain based on your personal name?
  • Do you prefer to have a domain based around your niche?

Both are great, but if you want to stand out, I would encourage you to build your brand around your personal name. Many others can be in the same niche, and this might make it difficult for you to stand out long-term….right?

Once you have answered the questions above, and decided what route you’ll be taking, then you can go to the next step.

Domain Name

This is actually NOT that tough because you would base it around your niche. However, make sure it’s around 6-8 characters and makes sense. For example, if you are involved in health & fitness, then these domains are great:


Keep in mind, you are focusing on a domain that makes sense, and that can be remembered at the same time. You want your audience to look at it once, and remember what it is when they want to come back.

Finding Domain Registrar

You need to find a registrar who has been in business for years because the last thing you want is a problem with your domain afterwards. You want to make sure you domain is registered with a credible provider so your site doesn’t run into any problems going forward. Remember, when people search your website, they’ll browse to, and if the domain can’t be reached, then it’ll destroy your credibility, etc.

I recommend going with because they have been in charge of all my domains, and I have never had a problem with them.


Choosing the Right Extension

What do I mean by extension?

Your domain can be either: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .ca…..right?

You want to make sure you choose the right extension because statistically, many people tend to type one over the other. If you haven’t guess by now, then the MOST popular domain is .COM so try to register a domain with a .COM extension.

Statistically, visitors usually type .COM about 70% of the time when searching for a website they have heard of or are trying to get back to. This should always be your first choice. Head over to, then in the domain search, type in the domain names you have decided to go for. By now, you should have a list of names that are suitable for your business written on a piece of paper. Go through each one until you find the .COM available, then click “Register”.

The good news is domains are cheap, and can be registered for roughly $9.99/year with renewal afterwards being roughly $14.99/year. Follow through the registration wizard until you have gotten the domain name you want, and hold on to it until you purchase hosting, which you’ll learn in the next section.

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