China Doesn’t Like Me! :(


First I get banned from Digg (I did get unbanned, but all my stories are on auto-bury so I might as well be banned). Then Technorati freezes my ranking because of an evil ping attack. Now I find out that China, the country that was I born in, has blocked access to this blog!

According to, China has blocked access to However, the site also comes with the following disclaimer.

This version 1.0 may report sites as being ‘blocked’, while there are only technical reasons for their unavailability.

It’s’s aim to collaboratively build a community that will be able to visualize Internet censorship in an increasingly accurate way.

The last time I was in China I had no problem accessing my blog so I think this site is full of it. When I entered Stephen Fung in the URL, it say, “This page does not exist or could not be tested due to technical reasons!” So, I’m blocked and Stephen doesn’t exist. 😈

Thanks to Juan Francisco Diez for sending me this but I’m pretty sure John Chow dot Com is available in China. But just in case, can someone in China confirm this for me?