Checking Out Boston

On our last day in Boston, we decided to check out the city. Boston is the oldest city in the USA and one of the most beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Vancouver, only the Boston harbor is a lot bigger than Vancouver’s Coal Harbour.

We took a 90 minute cruise of the Harbor, ate lunch at a Twitter enable bar, checked out the USS Constitution, tour the city and dined on oysters and lobsters for dinner before taking the subway back to our hotel.

The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the world that is still afloat. The UK has a commissioned warship that is 70 years older than the 211 year old Constitution. However, the UK boat is on dry dock and no longer floats. The Constitution was given the nickname “Old Ironsides” but it’s made entirely of wood. Watch the video to find out how it got its nickname.