Cheap-Ass Dining At Hon’s Wun Tun House


Hon’s Wun Tun House has been around so long it qualifies as a tourist attraction (which may explain why the restaurant sells Hon’s T-shirts and mugs). Started in 1972 in old Chinatown as a small Hong Kong style won tun and noodle house, Hon’s has expanded into a decent size chain, with locations in Vancouver, New West, Coquitlam and Richmond. We decided to hit the Richmond location because a very good friend of mine is back in town and the first place she wanted to eat at was Hon’s.

The Richmond Hon’s, like all the other Hon’s, is a no-frills cafeteria-style, fast food Chinese restaurant. They are well known for their wun tun in MSG infested soup and “potstickers.” The only reason Hon’s is listed in the fine dining category is because I don’t have a cheap-ass dining category, which is what Hon’s is. The price maybe low, but the food is actually quite good. Here’s what we had.

BBQ Ducks With Noodles


This is a classic noodle dish. The BBQ duck is nice and juicy and the soup base has so much MSG, you’ve be craving for a Coke after. We tried the dish with two different types of noodles. The thing I like about this dish is a Coke taste SO GOOD after!

Beef With Egg Swirled In Noodle


This is Teresa’s favorite dish. She has never been able to order it at any other restaurant because it’s not a menu item. If you don’t like what’s on the Hon’s menu, you can request a custom made item, and the beef with egg swirled in noodle is just that. Normally, the dish is served with rice.

One Half Soy Chicken


I used to eat a lot of soy chicken wings but for some reason, many Chinese BBQ places don’t sell them anymore. Instead, they sell the entire chicken. Hon’s serves their soy chicken with an oil and ginger sauce.

Taro & Honeydew Bubble Tea


Yes, Hon’s is getting into bubble tea! The Richmond Hon’s has subleased part of their restaurant to iPearl. I am not sure if Hon’s owns them or if they are an independent business. The bubble tea had good flavor but the pearls were too chewy and lumped together. iPearl offered a loyalty card that gives you one free bubble tea after you buy nine.

Together, all the food at Hon’s came to just $37 with tips. That’s pretty cheap for three people. We couldn’t finish the beef with egg noodle dish. Teresa packed it in a doggie bag to take home.

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