CES 2008 – Sony Online Poker Party

The Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) Poker Party is a yearly event held at CES that pits the invited guests of SOE in a tournament to see who is the best poker player. The winner of the tournament receives a fully loaded Sony Playstation 3. The runner-up gets a $500 gift card to spend on the Sony Style site. The party was also used to celebrate SOE’s newest game, Pirates of the Burning Sea.

The party was held at the Joint inside the Hard Rock hotel. As parties goes, the SOE is a great one. The bar was open and there was a great selection of food, including sushi from Nubo. The Hard Rock even created a special drink just for the event. I consumed way too many of them and I’m sure that affected my play.

The tournament was set up in three rounds. The top three money winners on each table advanced to round two. The top money winner of round two advanced to the final table. I made it pass the first round without much problem but experienced a heartbreak in the second. I had a King Nine and the Flop revealed two nines and a Jack. I went all in and was called. The other player had a Jack Six. It look good for me at the Turn but then a Jack showed up at the River!

I didn’t make it to the final table but Greg Morgan and Fatal1ty did. Greg did quite well and was money leader at one point but in the end, he came third and out of the prizes. Fatal1ty came second. Overall, it was one great party and we had a lot of fun.