CES 2008 – Mine Is Bigger Than Your

The Consumer Electronic Show is a game of oneupmanship. Every company tries to outdo the other. No where is that more evident than in the car audio and TV display halls. The car audio hall used to be especially bad because exhibitors used to get into sound off competition against each other to see who has the loudest booth. CES put a stop to that by fining any booth that exceeded the maximum allowed sound pressure level.

Here are a few of the biggest, craziest and strangest things I saw while rooming the CES show floor.

My Subwoofer is Bigger Than Your Subwoofer


I thought the above subwoofer from Earthquake (what a fitting name) was big until I saw the below unit from MTX. You need to use nuts and bolts to install it. The sub is so heavy, screws will simply sheer off.


My TV Is Bigger Than Your TV


Panasonic wins this year’s big TV contest with a 150″ plasma screen. Can’t wait to get one of those to review. I wonder how much energy it consumes?

My Wheels are Bigger Than Your Wheels


I don’t think wheels get any bigger than the 30″ shoes this Hummer was wearing. I doubt you’ll ever see it go off road, or in the snow even.