CES 2008 – Dinner and Phantom of the Opera


We attended many parties at the 2008 CES. The one that stood out has to go to AOC and LiteOn. These two companies went all out and treated us to a performance of Phantom of the Opera and dinner at Zeffirino.

Most people from North America won’t know who AOC is. However, most everyone has seen or used a product made by them. AOC is an OEM manufacturer of display monitors. They make displays for many of the big name brands. As a matter of fact, one in four LCD display in the market today is made by AOC. LiteOn was also an OEM manufacturer until they started selling their media drives under their own name. AOC will be selling displays under their own name as well and partnered with LiteOn to produce this exclusive event for select members of the press and a few very good customers.

Before heading off to Phantom and dinner, we got a chance to talk to the CEO of AOC and the director of LiteOn. Both share their vision of increasing profits by marketing products under their own brand name, while still maintaining all OEM contracts. It’s a good strategy as longs as the companies you manufacture for don’t get upset with you for cutting into their market.

Phantom of the Opera was an amazing show, easily one of the best shows I’ve seen in Vegas. Las Vegas takes entertainment over the top and they definitely did that with Phantom. I highly recommend checking it out. If you have seen Phantom before then you will love the Vegas version. Our hosts were nice enough to provide us with a souvenir program from the show.

Dinner at Zeffirino was a great way to end the night’s performance. Zeffirino’s Executive Chef, Francesco Schintu, prepared a special menu just for our group. The menu started off light and refreshing and progressively got richer. At the end of the night, we were given a LiteOn AOC roller bag. There were more gifts inside the bag but I haven’t look at it yet. The bag will come in handy when we fly home. I can use it to carry some of the CES free stuff.