CES 2008 – $15,000 D-Box Racing Chair

D-Box is a Canadian based company that make motion based products for high-end home theater and ultra high-end gamers. Their motion sensing racing chair cost $15,000. The chair itself hasn’t changed much since I last saw it but the software has been updated to create an even greater sense of realism.

At $15,0000 per chair, only the richest and craziest gamers would consider buying it. The system D-Box used to show off the chair was equally crazy: a high end Voodoo PC with THREE 50″ 1080P plasma screens. I’m sure it cost just as much, if not more than the chair itself. Let’s see, you can spend $30,000 on a racing game or you can buy a car and go racing for real. Decisions, decisions.

I have to admit, the D-Box system is a lot of fun to play with but I can’t see buying this for my game room. I’m just not into racing games all that much. D-Box does have a version of the chair for flight sims and first person shooters.