Dinner with The Network Hub At Campagnolo

Last night, I had dinner with The Network Hub at Campagnolo Restaurant. Campagnolo is one of those rare gems of Vancouver. You would never expect to find one of the Condé Nast 50 Best Restaurants In The World at 1020 Main Street. Yet, here it is in what is basically the ghetto of Vancouver. It’s located near Chinatown and next to the run down “rent it by the hour” Ivanhoe Hotel.

Dinner at Campagnolo is worth the possibility of getting mugged because the food is simply that good. Not only that but it’s also damn affordable! If you locate Campagnolo in any other part of Vancouver, the owners could easily double their prices and people would still happily pay. My beef carpaccio starter and Polderside Chicken main course came to just $45 with tax and tips.

I managed to convince most of the table to try the chicken. Campagnolo serves RedBro chicken from the Polderside Farm. Trust me, you haven’t tasted chicken until you taste a RedBro chicken.

Being an Italian restaurant, Campagnolo also serves some fantastic pizzas. I didn’t get a chance to order one because my mind was set on RedBro. However, if you want to taste one of the most amazing pizzas in the world, order the Carbonara. Made with smoked provolone, bacon, cremini mushrooms, onions and topped with an egg, it will blow your mind.

Beef Carpaccio with Salsa Verde, Herb and Lemon Focaccia


Polderside Chicken with Cacciatore Sauce, Sunchokes, Red Swiss Chard


One Happy Networking Hub!


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