Cam Wilmot

Cam Wilmot is the owner of Tweak Town in Australia. However, Cam is currently living in Taipei, which happens to be where I first met him in person. Cam was kinda like my guide for my first trip to Computex. He got me invited to all the parties and even told me about a side trip into Shanghai, China that was being sponsored by Abit Computers. I blasted off an email to Abit asking “Hey! Can I come too?” They replied back “You bet!” I remember having to re-do my flights because of that. However, it was well worth it because Shanghai was where Sarah had gone to.

Sarah and I first met in Vancouver but she also has a home in Seattle and Shanghai. She had moved back to Shanghai because our relationship wasn’t developing as fast as she hoped. I was still pretty much a party guy at the time.

Chef Moto and Cam

The above is a photo of me and Cam at the Abit factory in China. They made us wear those goofy chefs’s outfit. We were given the full VIP treatment with complete access to the entire building. Abit also invited us on tours of the city, which Sarah join us for.

I’m writing this today because Cam finally started his own blog. Before, when he had something new in his life, he would send out a mass email about it to friends and family. Now we can just read it on his blog. I’ve also told him that “All dot com moguls have blogs.” To check out the day in the life of an Australian tech site owner living in Taiwan, go to Now let’s hope he keeps it updated.