Buying A New Car with The Help of Apple Siri

If you’ve been following my tweets, then you know that I’m in Southern California right now. Many have asked what I’m doing down here. The answer is I’m going to be living here for most of the year. Vancouver is a truly awesome city but there’s just too much rain and bad weather during the non summer months. After talking it over with the wife, we’ve decided that we will spend our non summer months in sunny Southern California and the summer months in Vancouver and Seattle. One of the advantage of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is I can do stuff like this.

We basically flew down here with just suitcases filled with clothes and not much else. I’m going to be doing some major buying of stuff in the next few weeks, starting with a new car. Originally, I was looking at the new Mercedes ML350 but came away unimpressed after a test drive. We then tested the Lexus RX350 and fell in love with it.

What Is The Dealer Cost On A Lexus RX350?

During negotiations with the dealer, I tried what maybe an Apple first. I pulled out my iPhone 4S, activated Siri and asked, “what is the dealer cost on a Lexus RX350?” You should have saw the look on the salesman’s face when Siri came up with the right answer. It was priceless! LOL!

We are now the proud new owners of a 2012 Lexus RX350 and we got it for a great price too, thanks to Apple Siri. BTW – car insurance is way cheaper in the US than in Canada!