Business Owners’ New Year Resolution Follow-Through

Ok, I may catch some flack for this post from our editor!  

I get it, it is getting pretty late into the first month of the year for this topic, but bear with me….it is STILL relevant.

Lets talk about those goals that you set for the big 2015!  Are things looking like they are going to get done?  Or is this going to be the same 2015 for you as it was for Marty Mcfly, with no flying cars yet?

After the big excitement of the new year, it often takes less than two weeks for the excitement of the new year and the resolutions that come with it to somehow get put on the back burner.  Sadly, this is not a new occurrence in 2015.  It seems that it happens every single year.  Typically, I like to do a bit of a gut check a couple weeks into the new year, and you can consider this post YOUR gut check.


Make sure you are off the charts with your motivation level, still.  You should not be struggling to get out of bed in the morning and put your plans in motion.  If you are not still excited for where you are going in 2015, then it is time for some self-reflection.  Find out what really motivates you to succeed, and then use that image to go after your goals with a bit more drive, instead of just going through the motions.  If money is your goal, find something to motivate you for that.  Money alone will not do it.  Strive to be successful, and the ROI will follow.

I also want to talk a bit about the difference between a resolution and a dream.  I encourage people to dream big.  Sadly, this is where the road typically ends.  Even more sadly, for many business owners, they don’t even know they have had dreams.  These dreams I talk about, are typically mislabeled as resolutions.  Sometimes, they even get labeled as “goals” or “targets.”   Make no mistake, a goal, target, or resolution that does not get tied to a specific plan is nothing more than a dream. Dreams are a fantastic place to start, but they are not a great place to end.  That is, unless you aspire to be Don Quixote.

By the way guys, if you never got back on the wagon after the holidays… would be the time to do so.  Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the time off with family and friends, if you so desire.  That ended the minute the year turned, and if I am the first to help you realize it, then I am certainly glad I am.  Get motivated, and start changing your business in 2015 before you are staring down the barrel of 2016 in the exact. same. shoes.

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