Business Elite Dining with Delta One and Michael Chairello

What do you think of when you hear the words airline food? I’m sure gourmet is not one of the terms that comes to mind. However, for the business class traveler, the airlines do try to serve food that is not only edible, but looks pretty good too.

On my return flight from London to LAX, I got to experienced the Delta One five-course dining menu. Created by Food & Wine magazine’s 1985 Chef of the Year, Michael Chairello, Delta Airlines claims their cuisine can rivals any fine dining establishment on the ground. Delta can dream all they want because that’s never going to happen. I’m sure the dishes were exceptional when first made. But then they’re packaged and stored to be reheated later on the plane. The reheating can turn that nice tender skirt steak into a piece of shoe leather.

I do give Delta One props for trying to offer fine dining in the sky. However, until the day they put a real kitchen inside the plane, I’ll stick to fine dining on the ground.







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