Business Blogging 101


If you have paid any attention, we have been focusing a bit here on blogging.  Why, do you ask?  The answer in reality, is quite simple.  Blogging has taken over the online world.  

Whether it be Vlogs on youtube or company blogs on their website, it brings value to any website or company in the world. For example, if I am looking to buy a tent, not only can I go to and look for tents, but I can read their blog article on tips for picking out a tent, which will help me make a good decision, and in turn, be happy with the transaction. Thanks to having a good blog, now I will be a return customer, and continue doing business with them (true story!).

Lets take a look at a few ways to create the most beneficial blog posts for your company or website.

1. First and foremost, you must post regularly. If you do not have an updated blog, people that ARE interested in what you have to say will gradually decide to not check the website as often, if at all. This traffic to your site will directly convert to sales if you sell anything.  If you have a website with outdated information, then there is no value to it for new viewership. A very helpful way that we advise everyone is to write all of your articles at one time during the week, and schedule them out at regular intervals, depending on how often you are wanting to keep the blog updated.

2. The second biggest problem I see with company blogs is they host them on these free poverty-status hosting blog sites that are cookie-cutter and happen to be down as often as they are up.  Don’t try to cheap out and host it on Blogspot or  If you choose to use WordPress, fine, but host in on a dedicated hosting account with a hosting company.

The reasons why are many – it actually makes your blog name much easier to remember, as it is not as long.  Another is that Google will not make any connection between your company site and your blog, so people will always have to link back and forth to get between the two. The whole idea of the blog is to increase traffic to your website, so if Google does not know the blog is connected to the site, your ranking is not going to go up, and traffic will not change much.

3. Branding is another fantastic perk to blogging. This allows you to give more info about you and your brand. Where the problem lies is that many times the blog will look nothing like the actual company website. Use the same font and style, just to keep the image of your company in people’s minds.

Take a second look at these tips and watch your blog site take off, and take your ROI with it!

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