Bugatti Reveals $290 EB.03 Edition Champagne Carbon

Bugatti has unveiled the 3rd edition of their Champagne Carbon. This is a Champagne fit for a Bugatti owner, or a non-Bugatti owner because you don’t need to own a Bugatti in order to drink it.

The new champagne is the latest result of a partnership between Bugatti and Champagne Carbon, first established in 2018. The debut creation, champagne EB.01, arrived as a celebration of Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, bringing a blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir in a bottle wrapped in blue-tinted carbon fiber. The EB.02 was the second development of the partnership, marking the anniversary of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ breaking the magical 300 mph barrier.

EB.03 is inspired by the Bugatti Bolide. The EB.03 Edition boasts a dual tone exterior, comprising of both blue and black carbon fiber – a first within the Champagne Carbon For Bugatti Collection. The Bolide’s striking ‘X’ design motif, which dominates both the front and rear of the car, is hallmarked on both the right and left side of the EB.03 bottle.

The contents of the bottle – a vintage 2013 Blanc de Blancs – is the result of a cold and wet winter in 2013, followed by a cool spring and a late grape harvest. Such conditions produce an intense and fresh wine, with good acidity and excellent aging potential.

“Champagne Carbon EB.03 is a breathtaking technical accomplishment. For the first time we have managed to combine two colors of fiber in one bottle. The black fiber base perfectly contrasts the main body of the bottle, an intense sky blue. On the champagne side, this 2013 vintage brings with it initial scents of citrus, followed by aromas of spring flowers. Then a growing intensity toward yellow citrus, toasty notes and aromatic herbs.” – Alexandre Mea, CEO at Champagne Carbon

The Bolide represents the ultimate incarnation of the Bugatti style philosophy of ‘Form follows performance’. It’s founded on an uncompromising approach to lightweight construction; everything is optimized and nothing is superfluous. It pays homage to Bugatti’s glorious motorsport past of the 1920s, which was built around lightweight agile cars at a time when most racing cars were enormous powerful brutes.

It sits low to the ground, with sharp edges, extended diffusers and a gaping roof-mounted intake critical for cooling. In combination with the striking rear diffuser, the dominant rear wing results in high downforce and therefore also optimum traction. As with other Bugatti vehicles, the design team opted for a for a dual-tone finish but the proportion of bare carbon fiber is greater than in other Bugatti cars to reflect Bolide’s purity of purpose.

With rarity, bespoke design and purity at the heart of both Bolide and the EB.03 Edition, each makes the perfect addition to any Bugatti enthusiast’s collection. The Champagne Carbon EB.03 for Bugatti is available to order now for 290 Euro ($290 USD) for a 750 ml bottle.